i remember one time the simpsons made a joke about fox news and they got so insulted they tried to sue them but the court was like “this aired on ur network u can’t sue urself”

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"1. It’s okay
2. Really, just breathe
3. Your hair is a mess. And it looks sexy as fuck.
4. Do your nails. That new polish you bought last week is waiting.
5. Message her. Do not let that awkward silence last any longer.
6. Clean your desk.
7. Turn off the music at some point. Lie down and relax. Don’t think. Just be.
8. Look up some recipes and cook something nice tomorrow.
9. Say thanks more often.
10. You don’t have to ace everything you do.
11. Baby steps. Baby steps.
12. Turn on the ac at max power and wear a hoodie and pull on your sleeves if you miss it. Feel safe.
13. Your body is fine.
14. Your body is fine.
15. We all make mistakes. Forgive.
16. Studying is important, but what is really important is learning.
17. To learn, live.
18. To live, stop holding back. Fuck everything and just give it a try. Do not live with the regret of not trying. That is not living.
19. It’s okay to believe in love, and have faith, and not lose it even if everything around you is breaking down. Even if it hurts.
20. Depending on others is okay. Not doing it is okay as well."

—20 things I needed to remember today. (via a-ionia)
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when ur headphone is slowly slipping out of your ea r and you just think no„ my love…, r eturn

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when people start getting close to your friends


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I feel like I should fact check this just in case…

It’s absolutely correct. The one on the left is St. Peter’s Cross. The one on the right is the Satanic Cross.

The one on the left is just like…seen as disrespectful to Christianity and Catholicism.

st peter was crucified upside down because he felt unworthy of dying in the same manner as jesus, thus the st peter’s cross demonstrates humility before christ and is still used for that purpose by some catholics. it got popularized as a way of flipping off the church but is in fact extra super duper respectful. personally i find the irony kind of hilarious. 

too many movies get this wrong and I don’t care if it’s popular culture, EVERY CATHOLIC IN THE KNOW IS LAUGHING AT YOUR SILLINESS. Folks should know this!

the satanic cross is also REALLY COOL because it’s based off of the alchemical symbol for sulfur, and given that a lot of lore states that demons leave traces of sulfur behind…that’s wonderful

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I cannot handle how cute this is. JUST LOOK AT HIS HAIR AND LITTLE GRIN.

well shit

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